🚧 Configure Quantization

Quantization Algorithm

The default quantization algorithm used in MLC-LLM is grouping quantization method discussed in the papers The case for 4-bit precision: k-bit Inference Scaling Laws and LUT-GEMM: Quantized Matrix Multiplication based on LUTs for Efficient Inference in Large-Scale Generative Language Models.

Quantization Mode

In MLC-LLM we use a short code that indicates the quantization mode to use.

The format of the code is qAfB(_id), where A represents the number of bits for storing weights and B represents the number of bits for storing activations. The _id is an integer identifier to distinguish different quantization algorithms (e.g. symmetric, non-symmetric, AWQ, etc).

Currently, available options are: q0f16, q0f32, q3f16_1, q4f16_1, q4f32_1, and q4f16_awq (not stable).

More details to come.