MLCChat CLI is the command line tool to run MLC-compiled LLMs out of the box.

Option 1. Conda Prebuilt

The prebuilt package supports Metal on macOS and Vulkan on Linux and Windows, and can be installed via Conda one-liner.

To use other GPU runtimes, e.g. CUDA, please instead build it from source.

conda activate your-environment
python3 -m pip install --pre -U -f mlc-llm-nightly mlc-ai-nightly
mlc_llm chat -h


The prebuilt package supports Metal on macOS and Vulkan on Linux and Windows. It is possible to use other GPU runtimes such as CUDA by compiling MLCChat CLI from the source.

Option 2. Build MLC Runtime from Source

We also provide options to build mlc runtime libraries and mlc_llm from source. This step is useful if the prebuilt is unavailable on your platform, or if you would like to build a runtime that supports other GPU runtime than the prebuilt version. We can build a customized version of mlc chat runtime. You only need to do this if you choose not to use the prebuilt.

First, make sure you install TVM unity (following the instruction in Install TVM Unity Compiler). Then please follow the instructions in Option 2. Build from Source to build the necessary libraries.

Run Models through MLCChat CLI

Once mlc_llm is installed, you are able to run any MLC-compiled model on the command line.

To run a model with MLC LLM in any platform, you can either:

Option 1: Use model prebuilts

To run mlc_llm, you can specify the Huggingface MLC prebuilt model repo path with the prefix HF://. For example, to run the MLC Llama 2 7B Q4F16_1 model (Repo link), simply use HF://mlc-ai/Llama-2-7b-chat-hf-q4f16_1-MLC. The model weights and library will be downloaded automatically from Huggingface.

mlc_llm chat HF://mlc-ai/Llama-2-7b-chat-hf-q4f16_1-MLC --device "cuda:0" --overrides context_window_size=1024
You can use the following special commands:
  /help               print the special commands
  /exit               quit the cli
  /stats              print out the latest stats (token/sec)
  /reset              restart a fresh chat
  /set [overrides]    override settings in the generation config. For example,
                      `/set temperature=0.5;max_gen_len=100;stop=end,stop`
                      Note: Separate stop words in the `stop` option with commas (,).
  Multi-line input: Use escape+enter to start a new line.

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Option 2: Use locally compiled model weights and libraries

For models other than the prebuilt ones we provided:

  1. If the model is a variant to an existing model library (e.g. WizardMathV1.1 and OpenHermes are variants of Mistral), follow Convert Weights via MLC to convert the weights and reuse existing model libraries.

  2. Otherwise, follow Compile Model Libraries to compile both the model library and weights.

Once you have the model locally compiled with a model library and model weights, to run mlc_llm, simply

  • Specify the path to mlc-chat-config.json and the converted model weights to --model

  • Specify the path to the compiled model library (e.g. a .so file) to --model-lib-path

mlc_llm chat dist/Llama-2-7b-chat-hf-q4f16_1-MLC \
             --device "cuda:0" --overrides context_window_size=1024 \
             --model-lib-path dist/prebuilt_libs/Llama-2-7b-chat-hf/
             # CUDA on Linux: dist/prebuilt_libs/Llama-2-7b-chat-hf/
             # Metal on macOS: dist/prebuilt_libs/Llama-2-7b-chat-hf/
             # Same rule applies for other platforms